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  • Next Wednesday Website Workshop 4/22/15: What is SEO?

    What is SEO? Why is it important? How do you "do" SEO, heck, what do you "do" in SEO anyways? This session will give you an overview and you'll leave with 10 actions you can take right away to improve your own SEO both on and off your site. Conquer the hype and learn what SEO really is so that you can apply SEO techniques yourself and make knowledgeable decisions when evaluating SEO providers. RSVP to save a spot.

  • Next Website Workshop: Hands-on with Weebly

    Your website is an incredibly powerful communication tool. If you have a Weebly website it is built on a feature-rich hosted content management system that gives you easy ways add new pages, work with text, add images and video, run a blog, boost your SEO, open an online store and more! This workshop will take you through all of the basics, we'll complete several hands-on projects and you'll leave with tips, tricks and best practices that you can put to use right away. Feel free to bring a laptop or tablet to work on your own site but it's not required. This session is for people who already have a Weebly site or who are interested in getting one. Registration required, sign up online.

  • Next Workshop: Email marketing for beginners – capturing ROI while limiting liability

    The average return on investment for email marketing is $44 to every $1 spent. Amazing when you consider that the ROI for printed direct mail is $1.25/$1 spent. Here's another surprise, email contacts have proven to be more valuable than social media followers. Why? Because email speaks to people who have already expressed an interest in your product, service or organization - as opposed to the direct mail model of intruding to get someone's attention. In this workshop I walk you through the fundamentals of putting this powerful tool to work for your business. You'll learn how to protect yourself from liability while maximizing your efforts using current tools and a strategic approach. Register online.

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