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  • Twitter's new profile layout = Love+Hate

    New Twitter ProfileI love Twitter's new profile template for the same reasons I liked Facebook's graphical overhaul awhile back. As a designer it gives me a gorgeous, HUGE canvas to work with in promoting ideas, products, concepts, calls to action, etc. However, I'm also shocked and amazed that Twitter has so brazenly emulated Facebook. Shocked I say! Really Twitter, you couldn't come up with something better? Read more and download a free PSD template.

  • Your website needs marketing to "bring in the fish"

    Website marketingAn email I got today made me realize that it's time to talk about marketing - not as a noun but as an active verb. "It is been four months now since we launched the website and I am really discouraged with the lack of inquiries. As of date I have had one person inquire and so far no jobs. :-( so bummed." It is understandable to feel that way, but remember - your site is only the first step in promoting your business. Remember our meeting when we talked about promotions?  Here's how to get your marketing efforts underway.

  • 15 Ways to Communicate Better Online

    Communicating via text is how many of us do our daily work. Whether it's by email, text, chat or social media we accept work, ask follow up questions, and provide goods that we get paid for often without ever speaking to one another. Over the years I've seen many good email etiquette guides. I'd like to add to some of the core concepts and expand them out to social media, chat and texting. Read more.

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